The Life of Experiment

As I wrote earlier this week, I’ve been stressed about making time to write with everything on my to-do list and the daily appointments that cannot be skipped. Well, let’s rephrase. I’ve been stressing myself out about this, unnecessarily. Life still happens, I still have time to write, I just have to make sure it doesn’t turn into a chore (because what would be the point of that?!). Luckily, I have these great friends that remind me that if something isn’t working, I can simply try something else.

Right, I say to myself, my decisions are not etched in stone for eternity. Perfect choices are not perfect all the time. Calm down and experiment.

With some of this jealously guarded time, I’m on the lookout for advice from people who’ve been through this (why reinvent the wheel?). @elissshuman discussed his daily routine of hitting a coffee shop in the morning before work for 1 single hour to write. Reading that, I thought to myself, 😀 Self! There is a coffee shop a mere block away! It opens at 7! You would need to leave for school shortly after 8! Let’s try it! (I make sure to use plenty of exclamations points and emoticons when talking to myself.)

So, that’s the experiment for this week. I am not a morning person at all, but I like to work in the mornings. Basically, I hate everyone until sufficiently caffeinated and working intensely keeps the rest of world from bothering me until I can behave like human being.

The challenge I am expecting/experiencing is the snooze button and actually making it out of bed. I mean, when you don’t actually have to get up until 7ish, waking up at 6/6:30 is going to be tough.

But, instead of being defeatist about it, like I am with getting up early to exercise, I am going to embrace the challenge and the test of morning writing sessions. Wish me luck, dear readers, but not before I’ve had my coffee.

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