The Unbearable Schedule

I’ve been struggling, dear readers. I have lots on my plate at the moment: last year of law school turning out busier than planned, trying to have something of a social life, putting in the time for the relationships that matter, Tumblr addiction to feed, stories to read, shows to watch, travel to plan. An incredibly privileged life, I know. But the writing is essential for me. Both for my own personal goals and for my self-care. Without creativity, all of those things I have to do, their colors bleed out and they become grey or, worse, beige.

Mornings are a fight with the alarm clock, especially when the sunrise isn’t there to back it up. And evenings somehow leak minutes until even though I scheduled myself to be writing, I find myself suddenly at bed time without having written a word. I think I don’t need a new plan; I think I need a new way to look at my time, to look at how writing fits into my world.

How do you do it? Is it a matter of sacrifice to the time gods (or lords)? Small pieces of time? Setting aside large chunks? What kind of advice would you give your past self when they were trying to figure out their own schedule?

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