Epistolary Stories: Day 20 of the Story A Day Challenge

Today’s prompt is to write a story through letters (or the equivalent). My day started out with big dreams of making this story a visual one, as it is getting late in the day, I’ve decided to keep it simple. So, dear reader, please imagine these as chats on your favorite chat program.


[[June 5, 2005]]

Hey, you there? How was Morocco?!

[[June 6, 2006]]

I know sometimes you go invisible, so just in case you are there, I wanted to say hi. I hope everything is okay and your trip was fabulous. I can’t WAIT to hear about it!

I miss you. Thailand is beautiful, but it’s a little worse for you not being here.

[[June 7, 2006]]

Finally done with my day. You there?

[[June 9, 2006]]

Hey, I’m starting to worry.

Can you just let me know that you’re okay?

(And by starting, I mean, I’m worrying. 😉 )

[[June 11, 2006]]

You there?

[[June 13, 2006]]


[[June 15, 2006]]


[[June 19, 2006]]

ya there?

[[June 21, 2006]]

<<new salutation to check to see if you are online>>

[[June 24, 2006]]

Jax said she saw you the other day.

What is going on?

Can you just talk to me?

[[June 25, 2006]]

Look, you promised you would talk to me when…

Just talk to me. Please.

Please talk to me.

I am halfway across the world. I can’t just get on a plane and go face you right now.

This is why I made you promise. You have to talk to me.

[[June 29, 2006]]

I don’t understand. I just – Why are you doing this?

You just have to have one conversation with me.

Yeah, it sucks that it’s through chat, but

You just –

[[June 30, 2006]]

Remember when you said you didn’t want to ruin my trip?

That you wanted me to just go and have fun.


I kept swearing I wouldn’t guild you.


but this is just cruel. you are just being fucking cruel.

i’m crying you konw just sitting here crying. i cried last night. i’ve cried wiht my friends.

you know what i snot helpful when you are doing fucking research in someone else’s countyr:


fuck you. you can go fuck yourself.

[[August 4, 2006]]

Don’t invite her to my welcome back party.

Shit. Wrong window.

[[December 13, 2006]]

Back in the States.

If you ever wanna woman up and have an adult conversation about our (non)relationship,

let me know.

4 thoughts on “Epistolary Stories: Day 20 of the Story A Day Challenge

  1. Oh! I really enjoyed this one! I had shivers. I’ve had similar things done to me (pre-texting). Sad to say, I’ve also done them….

    I love the misspellings and spacings. They are so well-executed, and set the tone perfectly. I can see those fingers tripping all over the emotions!


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