Magnetic Poetry: Day 2 of the Story A Day Challenge

Today’s prompt by Therese Walsh is to write a 100 word story where the protagonist has opened a magnetic poetry kit.

“Momma! Mommy! Look what I made!” Momma paid the babysitter and asked if she was alright driving home. Mommy stepped out of her shoes. Dates were lovely, but heals were torture.

“Commmmme. ON! Jess didn’t even help me.”

On the fridge, a four-line poem framed in rejected words. Momma leaned into Mommy. “You just wanted to use the word ‘butt.’”

The girl squealed and ran. They laughed and chased and tickled her.

Later, Momma put a copy in the girl’s book next to the crayon drawing of a bat. Mommy leaned in close to kiss Momma, and whispered, “Butt.”

The magnetic poem I wrote on which the story is based is:

butt poem

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