Start A Riot: Day 29 of the Story A Day Challenge

Today’s prompt is to write a story where a riot is started. I mulled this one over all day, trying to figure out exactly what and how I wanted to tell it. So, I decided to go with a classic.

Published on the front page of Sun Valley High School’s website, May 29, 2014 12:35 AM CDT, following the May 28th lunch riots.

The unanimous declaration of the women of Sun Valley High School and their true allies.

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Description: Day 13 of the Story A Day Challenge

Today’s prompt is to write a story rich in description. I used it to work on a part of the book I am writing.

The acrid smell of old urine mixing with new wound itself up her sinuses and agitated her sleeping brain. The splashing sounds of the mixture being made told her she was awake now, but the dull ache throbbing behind her eyes and running sharply through her jaw into her neck counseled against opening her eyes just yet. A girl’s voice, someone her own age or thereabouts, said she knew she was awake and that there was no use avoiding reality.

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Ending: Day 7 of the Story A Day Challenge

Today’s prompt by Becca Puglisi was to write a story that ended with the line: “I clicked off the safety, swearing that if she showed her face today, my room would be the last one she ever entered.” (I made some slight edits to the line.)

Content warning: trafficking (labor), violence, misogynistic slur
I race home. Running past the houses, proud but in need of care. The sun hitting the back of my neck and threatening to burn or further brown the skin there. I’d left my hat at home, again. Just a few more colorful homes and then there is my door.

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