A 10 Sentence Love Story

Today’s story is from this prompt. I am a glutton for feedback, so feel free to leave comments. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite May story!

The date is a joke; a dare from other friends who don’t understand our bromance. The dress she wears, though, reveals the kissable swan curve of her neck and the way my hands fit perfectly on slope of her waist. The after-dinner hockey and cookie dough somehow morphs into her fingers twisting in my curls and purring how easy, how surprisingly natural this all felt. We fight stereotypes for a good 6 days. She moves in, and we adopt a cat. I hold her hand when her mom passes away, and she lets me sob into her shoulder when keeping the cat alive becomes cruel. We meet our first daughter in another state with her birth parent and our second at home with a midwife. Before our kids start school, we move out of the city, planning to move back after they graduate. Our grandkids join the family just as she starts to leave. But I make her promise every night to let me go first.

Non-linear: Day 21 of the Story A Day Challenge

Today’s prompt is to write a non-linear story. I went with the internal monologue style.

I have an apartment. Movers. Well, Craigslisters to move me. Because – ha! – I have no money. And no friends. Why didn’t I make him pay rent? Or pay for something. ANYTHING. He was getting unemployment. It’s not like he had nothing.

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Dialogue: Day 12 of the Story A Day Challenge

Today’s prompt is to write a scene entirely or mostly in dialogue. I am revisiting characters from Day 6 and taking them out to dinner.

JACKIE:     So this place is cheap but really good. I –

CILLA:     Yeah?

JACKIE:     – probably come here too much. Yeah. Are you a vegetarian or anything?

CILLA:     Was, but not since college. You?

JACKIE:     Yeah, since college.

CILLA:     Well, I don’t eat that much meat, you know, since I went back. Just –

JACKIE:     It’s really okay. Just wanted to –

CILLA:     – a couple ‘a days a week.

JACKIE:     – tell you they have this great veggie burger, in case that was your thing.

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Action: Day 11 of the Story A Day Challenge

Today’s prompt is here. Because I did not have much time to fill out yesterday’s story, I used today’s prompt to build on that idea and finish it.
She knew this presentation backwards, forwards, inside, and out; she gave it a good twenty times a day at least. But she loved it, and her eyes lit up every time. Carnivorous plants were so cool. They found a way to live in nutrient deserts and had so many tricks to attract their prey.

She is just getting to the part about how some of them grew so large in the wild that they can trap frogs and small mammals when shouts and screams reach her from the tiger pen. Her walkie talkie goes off, but other ‘keepers are already running over there. She starts running mid-sentence.
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Theme: Day 10 Story A Day Challenge

Today’s prompt is here. I did not have much time today (traveling), so I decided to just give a very brief start to something that I might revisit later.
The zookeepers looked on and hesitated to go after the fallen child. They tried to block the parents from following her into the tiger’s pit, but they were pushed aside. The two men leaped over the barriers and ran. One grabbed the girl and then they were facing the lethargic but interested cat. They just needed to stall any attack long enough for the zoo to get a door open for them. The crowd murmured at their foolish bravery and waited with baited breath to see if they would survive.