10 Ways This Year Rocked

As I said on Twitter, it’s apparently the list blog post time of year, so here is my contribution. I’ve been wanting to do an end of year post anyway, so let’s kill two birds with one stone. No, wait. I kind of hate that saying. What’s better? Let’s mash these foods together? No. Let’s match this outfit. Yeah, I don’t have anything better, but if you do, pop it in the comments! Onto the actual blog post! Full of excitement!

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Winner for Best Fiction!

Winner for Best Fiction!

I am happy to announce that I won Best Fiction for Kalyani Magazine’s Write to Roar Contest. The theme was “Geeking Out.” The piece was limited to 750 words and had to include one of three lines as the opening or ending. Check it out and then stay to check out the rest of the magazine.

Thank you to the contest runners as well as to several friends who gave me feedback on the piece.