Cinderella: Day 14 of the Story A Day Challenge

Today’s prompt was to write our take on the Cinderella story. My friend also sent me an article about a court in India upholding a law that allows a husband to rape his wife. So, what happens when Prince Charming comes with violent strings attached? Content warning for violence against women (descriptions of the results and not the actual violence), domestic violence, and gendered slurs.

Another command performance at the mansion. These dinners grew more tedious as the years went on, but they were a small price to pay for ensuring her family was well fed and secure. Vivian assumed that Cindy’s husband did not cut them off to keep the newspapers from running a story of the destitute in-laws while the man in charge hosted lavish parties. Cindy certainly would have punished them for their treatment of her before her fairytale wedding.

Vivian swallowed her jealousy and her what-ifs as she knocked on the door. She pointed to the last minute adjustments her daughters needed to make in their clothes. Paparazzi got a few shots of them from over the bushes, and she mentally checked the last few seconds to ensure that none of the pictures would be vulgar. The rules were simple: come to dinner and do not embarrass the hand that fed them. Jason was at least a reasonable man.

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