Rereading: The Giver

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Theme: Day 10 Story A Day Challenge

Today’s prompt is here. I did not have much time today (traveling), so I decided to just give a very brief start to something that I might revisit later.
The zookeepers looked on and hesitated to go after the fallen child. They tried to block the parents from following her into the tiger’s pit, but they were pushed aside. The two men leaped over the barriers and ran. One grabbed the girl and then they were facing the lethargic but interested cat. They just needed to stall any attack long enough for the zoo to get a door open for them. The crowd murmured at their foolish bravery and waited with baited breath to see if they would survive.

Hospital: Day 9 of the Story A Day Challenge

Today’s prompt is to set the story in a hospital. Content warning for child illness and descriptions of a medical procedure.
Her daughter had been in that hospital bed for weeks, leaving only for more tests or when she would push her to take a walk down the hall to the play room. Seven year olds should not be hooked up to IVs. She should be running around getting skinned knees and getting into little kid trouble. Her other two children were at home, and she knew their father was hiding their questions of when Mommy and Sissy were coming home.
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